26 March 2017

EuroNGOs 2017 Conference: new dates!

The dates for the 2017 EuroNGOs Conference have been shifted to September 27-28. This year, the conference will focus on how we can protect and promote SRHR in a time of growing populism. Rising support for populist movements, echoed through examples such as Brexit in the UK, the rhetoric of Orban in Hungary and Kaczynski in Poland, the success of far-right parties from Germany to Greece, and Trump in the USA, is reshaping the politics of many Western societies. For the SRHR community this global political shift is particularly worrying as populism favours traditional over progressive values and national self-interest over international cooperation and development aid.

These changes can have serious implications in terms of political support and financial investment in SRHR and development issues, and also risks undermining the achievement of SDGs and decisions taken at UN level.


The two-day gathering will challenge thinking and stimulate debate around the rise of populism and the impact this has on SRHR in the context of global development. How do we re-politicise SRHR and how can we re-frame our messages in this new political landscape? How can we use the She Decides initiative and further push European governments and institutions to counteract the actions of an ultra-conservative administration both in America and elsewhere? Taking into account the shifting political landscape, how do we use Agenda 2030 to mitigate this back-lash? And how do we reconnect with the grassroots and our citizen base to do that? These questions will be at the centre of our discussions at #EuroNGOs2017. More information on the thematic tracks and sessions will be shared on the conference dedicated page of the EuroNGOs website in a few weeks, so watch this space!