28 February 2017

New member of EuroNGOs: Women's Rights Center from Armenia

We would like to give a warm welcome to our new member - Women's Rights Center from Armenia – whose application has been approved by the Steering Committee and the EuroNGOs membership in February. With a new full member on board, the EuroNGOs network currently compromises a group of 35 European organisations working on sexual and reproductive rights and health.

Women's Rights Center (WRC) is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-partisan organisation operating in Armenia. It is a union of people that have joined efforts around their shared goals to prevent violence against women and children and to protect women's sexual and reproductive health and rights. WRC is an Armenian nationwide organisation with the head office in Yerevan and 7 regional branches in the regions.


Women’s Rights Center has worked out a long-term strategy "Breaking the Silence about Violence against Women”, which has been realized step by step since 1997 till present. Goals and activities under this strategy focus on two areas: domestic violence against women and their children and women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights.


Women’s Rights Center was the first organisation in Armenia that raised the issue of violence against women, when stereotypes were very rigid and the society was not sufficiently aware of the problem. Even the phrase “violence against women” was unknown and absolutely unacceptable. Starting from their first awareness raising leaflet, they succeeded in the further development of the organisation up to drafting the Law on Domestic Violence and establishment of the first shelter in Armenia in 2002.


Would you like to learn more about our new member? Make sure to have a look at their website