06 July 2017

Welcome new EuroNGOs member: Share-Net International

Share-Net International has attended EuroNGOs’ annual meetings since 2013 and is now delighted to become an associate member.

At a time when conservative forces are de-prioritising SRHR services and, in some cases, actively campaigning against them, international networks and forums such as EuroNGOs are critical. With its large membership base, Share-Net International will disseminate information gained through EuroNGOs widely and represent its members views in policy and strategy discussions. We hope to collaborate and mutually reinforce our fight for better SRHR in Europe and the rest of the world. 

Share-Net International combines the expertise and strengths of Dutch organisations, Southern partners and key international actors working in the area of SRHR to strengthen the role knowledge can play in developing evidence-based policies and practices and ensuring that resources are used strategically and to maximum effect, amongst others in relation to the four core areas of Dutch policy on SRHR. The main goal of Share-Net International is to strengthen linkages between research, policy and practice in the field of SRHR, including HIV and AIDS, through sharing, generating, translating and using knowledge. 

Share-Net international focusses on four major activities: (1) knowledge generation through research grants and working groups; (2) knowledge dissemination through newsletters, working groups and international and country node websites; (3) knowledge translation and use through policy briefs and infographics; and (4) capacity building for country nodes. 

Share-Net International is hosted by the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam. Dutch members pay an annual membership fee based on their annual turnover to Share-Net Netherlands. In addition, local Share-Net nodes, supported by the Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs, are operating in three countries.