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25 April 2018

Failure to reach consensus on CPD51 resolution

The 51st session of the Commission on Population and Development (CPD 51) took place from April 9 to 13 in New York, and ended for the third time in the last four yours without an outcome document. This year’s theme was “Sustainable cities, human...

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Focus on Europe

29 April 2018

2018 Contraception Atlas published

Access to contraception should be a key concern of governments in empowering citizens to plan their families and lives. Yet every country analysed by the 2018 Contraception Atlas needs to do more to improve access. The findings show that for many...

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EuroNGOs Updates

30 April 2018

We joined the What Women Want Campaign

EuroNGOs recently joined the What Women Want Campaign which is aimed at understanding of how quality maternal and reproductive healthcare is defined by at least 1 million women and girls around the world.

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Members’ News

20 April 2018

EPF: New book exposes European religious network intent on overturning laws related to sexuality and reproduction

A new book released on April 20, reveals that campaigners from the US and Europe have been strategizing ‘achievable goals’ to roll back human rights in Europe since 2013. Documents have recently emerged showing a detailed, extremist strategy called...

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