Our members

Our strength lies in our members, a group of 35 not-for-profit organizations working on sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Our membership is diverse in terms of:

  • Geography: Our members are based in 23 different countries.
  • Focus of activities: Our members are both service providers and advocacy organizations, focusing on a wide variety of issues (e.g. family planning, comprehensive sexuality education and information, safe abortion and post-abortion care, maternal health, sexually transmitted infections, HIV/AIDS, female genital mutilation, sexual and gender-based violence).
  • Organizational structure: Our members range from large organizations with an international presence, to smaller organizations working in specific areas and with particular groups of people.

Since the creation of EuroNGOs, UNFPA and the International Planned Parenthood Federation European Network (IPPF EN) have had observer status with the organization.

Check this document which details each of our 35 member’s focus and activities.

Who are our members? And what is their focus?


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