30 April 2018

We joined the What Women Want Campaign

EuroNGOs recently joined the What Women Want Campaign which is aimed at understanding of how quality maternal and reproductive healthcare is defined by at least 1 million women and girls around the world.

The What Women Want Initiative is inspired by Hamara Swasthya, Hamari Awaz (Our Health, Our Voices), a grassroots campaign organized by 100+ members of White Ribbon Alliance India that mobilized over 150,000 women in 2017, and its objectives are as follow: 

  • educate and empower individuals about the importance of quality, equity and dignity in women’s and girls’ healthcare
  • support women and girls to demand access to high-quality and dignified care and
  • place women’s and girls’ self-articulated needs at the center of health policies, programs and accountability.

The campaign was launched during the International Day for Maternal Health and Rights on April 11. By December 2018, the data will be gathered through this online survey, and findings together with specific recommendations will be released in 2019.

What Women Want is guided by a steering committee comprised of Center for Catalyzing Change/White Ribbon Alliance India, White Ribbon Alliance Global Secretariat, the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (PMNCH), Every Mother Counts (EMC), International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) and Mama Ye/Evidence for Action (E4A), Women Deliver and UN Women.

“Since the campaign launched on International Maternal Health and Rights Day, more than 250 partners have joined from nearly 30 countries to help reach women and girls where they live and give voice to their unique needs. We are thrilled about the building momentum for What Women Want because the campaign is not about one moment in time, but about shifting the nature of healthcare. When women and girls are meaningfully engaged in identifying the barriers and solutions to quality health care, progress accelerates. I hope more and more women and girls and those who care about women and girls join the growing list of supporters committed to shaping a future where all women and girls realize their right to quality maternal and reproductive health and rights.” Kristy Kade, Director of Advocacy and Programs, White Ribbon Alliance Global Secretariat, What Women Want Steering Committee Co-Chair.

Learn more about this initiative here, join the campaign and take action!