19 December 2017

YouAct: Europe Unite for CSE Rights

Youth advocates from Cyprus, Georgia, Poland, Romania and the Netherlands joined forces for the “Europe Unite for CSE Rights” campaign, aimed at bringing attention to the need for comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) and for young people’s sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) in each national context.

Advocates met in Amsterdam to set-up concrete plans at national level, including meetings with volunteers, round tables and online campaigns. A core element of the project was the development and online dissemination of info-graphics on various topics relevant at national level. While Cyprus, Poland and Romania focused on promoting comprehensive sexuality education as a mean to prevent gender-based violence, in Georgia the focus was on encouraging the government to support raising awareness on SRHR among young people through their policies and programs. Netherlands, on the other hand, brought the attention to the need of a safer and more pleasant environment for lesbian, homosexual and bisexual students.


The info-graphics in English and national languages can be found here. 


This article was written by Anamaria Suciu, YouAct Chair & Interim Coordinator